2 Awesome Raw Vegan Protein Bars

Raw Vegan Protein Bars: What You Need to Know

In the world of protein bars, there are not many products that are raw and not many that are vegan. For people looking for raw, vegan or both, and that can be a real challenge. Many people forgo the task and just make their own.

raw revolution barHowever, you can buy raw protein bars that are vegan as well – Raw Revolution Bars¬†made by Alice Benedetto’s company, Raw Indulgence. They come in about 8 different flavors, and you can even try a variety pack – because if you’re anything like me, it’s hard to commit to just one flavor.

Something You Don’t Need Me to Tell You:

Because they include raw ingredients, the nutrient density is higher and they offer a cleaner source of fuel, but you probably didn’t need me to tell you that.

According to the book by Brendan Brazier, Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life, high-quality nutrition will boost the effectiveness of an exercise program significantly, without having to exercise harder or longer.

If you are new to eating raw or vegan – or you are simply trying to eat healthier, you may notice that by eliminating processed foods that certain health issues can start to disappear. Of course, there are no guarantees and I am no doctor – but I have experienced better digestion, clearer skin, increased energy, weight loss and more – and many of my friends have experienced the same.

And More Benefits About Raw Vegan Protein Bars…

Raw food products also offer numerous side benefits due to the fact that they don’t contain processed ingredients. For example, the Raw Revolution Bar is¬†gluten free, (does not contain wheat), corn, soy, trans-fats, cholesterol or refined sugar. It also does not contain added salt or peanuts, for people trying to avoid those ingredients as well.

In fact, even the most selective of eaters will appreciate this raw protein bar because it eliminates pretty much anything that a health-conscious eater is trying to avoid. This is the type of snack people would make themselves because they couldn’t find a healthy snack that included the clean ingredients they wanted.

Behind Door #2:

Go Raw Live Pumpkin BarOther protein bar options include the Go Raw Live Bars. The Live Pumpkin Bar is one of the most popular flavors, maybe because people think there is a live pumpkin in the package.

You can also get Spirulina Energy, Flax Apricot, Granola or Banana Bread Flax.

Note: These are also nut free protein bars and contain all-organic ingredients.

Note #2: Bars that come in 10-packs are usually smaller-sized bars than the bars in the 20-packs or 30-packs (12-14oz VS about 36 oz).

Cara Rennie, PaleoBarChart.com
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