4 Paleo Snacks for Kids

Cute little girl eats carrot and applesEasy Paleo Snacks that Kids will Actually Eat

Most parents will agree that it can be challenging to get kids to eat healthy, nutritious foods. Trying to stick to a certain diet plan like paleo foods can make it even more difficult.

However, if you can get kids used to eating wholesome foods, the task becomes a lot easier. Snack foods can often be a good place to start – maybe because they don’t look like a plate full of spinach.

Packaged snacks are fun for kids because they are fun to open and resemble a package with a gift inside. Of course, they are easy to transport and convenient to have around when you need them, which of course is a bonus for parents as well.

That’s why I think snack bars make the perfect paleo snacks for kids. You can buy snack bars that are organic, gluten free and sugar free – but they provide lots of healthy nutrition for growing kids and they are filling.

The fact that they are individually-wrapped in fun packages means that parents have to fight less to get their kids to eat nutritiously. After a while, kids learn to like and appreciate the flavors and textures of whole foods and meals simply become easier.

The problem is that paleo snacks for children are not easily found in your local grocery store. The way to get them is online – and finding a good selection can be challenging as well. Here are a few good ones:

Paleo Snacks for Kids:

Kate Evans Scott, author of Paleo Kid Snacks, says that in addition to avoiding sugary foods, eating snacks with the Xylitol natural sweetener can help reduce the risk of tooth decay. Make sure you look for the bark-based Xylitol rather than the one made from corn.

Cara Rennie, PaleoBarChart.com
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