“Are Larabars Paleo?”

Are Larabars Paleo?

Many of the Larabar flavors may sound like rich, decadent desserts (the opposite of what you might think of as healthy).

However, each bar contains 9 natural ingredients or less. Plus, each serving has less than 200 calories!

All that said, people ask, “Are Larabars paleo?” If you go by the paleo food definition that “if a caveman couldn’t eat it, then neither can you”, then yes, Larabars are paleo.

Do you have a sweet tooth but you’re tired of the overly-sweet sugary-tasting “protein” bars? Then, I think you’ll really appreciate Larabar.

They don’t have the fake sweet taste of processed packaged snacks. Yet, they have so much flavor that you don’t feel like you missed out on a “real dessert” after you eat one.

Other LARABAR Nutritional Benefits:

  • Kosher
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free

Essentially, Larabars have a delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. They contain pure and simple whole food, and you can’t get more paleo than that! Each package has a rich, satisfying taste that leaves you guilt-free and happy.

Larabar makes 21 flavors of deliciousness. Plus, you can even get a 16-flavor variety pack so you can try out a bunch of different “desserts” all at once. Well, hopefully not all in one sitting.

By the way, these are not big bars. Yet, they contain a good amount of calories. Their compact size and nutrient-dense design make them a perfect snack for athletes. In addition, they have great macros because they provide a good amount of protein, carbs and healthy fats in each bite.

Do you like the nutrition content of a sweet and salty trail mix yet want something a little different? Do you enjoy a smoother bar texture in an easy-to-carry package? Then Larabar could easily turn into your go-to snack because they provide everything you want.

I’ve listed the different flavors below contained in the variety pack (including ingredients). Don’t be deceived by their simplicity because they taste really good. Even kids like them. In fact, the ingredient list is so simple that you might even be tempted to make your own bars…

Flavors in the 16-Bar LARABAR Variety Pack:

Banana Bread
Bar contains almonds, dates and unsweetened banana,

Coconut Cream Pie
Ingredients include dates, unsweetened coconut, almonds, cashews and extra virgin coconut oil.

Apple Pie
Bar contains dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, walnuts, raisins and cinnamon.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Ingredients include cashews, dates, chocolate chips and sea salt.

Cashew Cookie
Bar contains cashews and dates.

Key Lime Pie
Ingredients include dates, cashews, almonds, unsweetened coconut, lime juice concentrate and dried lime juice concentrate.

Carrot Cake Flavor LarabarCarrot Cake
Ingredients include dates, almonds, walnuts, raisins, dried pineapple, unsweetened coconut, carrots, cinnamon and extra virgin coconut oil.

Peanut Butter Cookie
Bar contains dates, peanuts and sea salt.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
Ingredients include dates, peanuts, chocolate chips and sea salt.

Chocolate Chip Brownie
Bar contains dates, chocolate chips, almonds, walnuts, cocoa powder and sea salt.

Blueberry Muffin
Bar contains dates, cashews, blueberries, blueberry juice, lemon and vanilla extract.

Pecan Pie Flavor LARABARPecan Pie
Ingredients include dates, pecans and almonds.

Cherry Pie
Bar contains dates, almonds and unsweetened cherries.

Lemon Bar
Ingredients include dates, cashews, almonds, lemon juice concentrate, dried lemon juice concentrate and natural lemon flavor.

Peanut Butter & Jelly
Bar contains dates, peanuts, unsweetened cherries and sea salt.

Chocolate Coconut Chew
Ingredients include dates, almonds, walnuts, unsweetened cocoa powder and unsweetened coconut.

More LARABAR Flavors:

Cappuccino Flavor LarabarCappuccino
Bar contains dates, almonds, cashews, fair trade certified coffee and vanilla extract.

Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte
Ingredients include dates, chocolate chips, almonds, unsweetened cherries, cashews and sea salt.

Coconut Chocolate Chip
Bar contains dates, semisweet chocolate chips, unsweetened coconut, cashews and almonds.

Ingredients include dates, cashews, almonds and raisins, cinnamon, ginger, allspice and vanilla extract.

Bar contains dates, cashews and almonds, cinnamon, sea salt and vanilla extract.

Cara Rennie, PaleoBarChart.com
About the Author: Cara Rennie is a paleo cooking chef, writer and advocate for healthy living. With over a decade of experience in the culinary industry, Cara has established herself as an expert in the paleo lifestyle, emphasizing the use of natural ingredients that promote a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. She firmly believes in the power of food to transform people's lives, while helping others discover the joys of paleo eating. Facebook | Pinterest