A Paleo Chocolate Bar with 22g of Protein?

Chocolate Protein BarNow here’s a way to get your chocolate fix without feeling guilty!

If you don’t want to skip your sweet treats but also don’t want them to use up a munch of your macros and calories for the day, you’ll be happy to hear this. This “chocolate” bar contains a full 22 grams of protein! Hello!

Plus, instead of being made with a bunch of sugar, milk fat and who knows what else, the Paleo Protein Chocolate Bar is made with 60% Pure Dark Chocolate from Organic Cacao.

No GMO’s, no gluten and no soy either. The Cacao beans are even organic!

Paleo Chocolate Bar Review:

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In fact, this bar contains only 1 gram of sugar per serving, making it a low-carb ketogenic “sweet treat”. It even has coconut oil, providing a healthy dose of MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides – great for boosting metabolism, decreasing appetite and increasing brain function) [Source].

Paleo Chocolate Protein Bar Label

You can seriously eat this snack for breakfast and not have your blood sugar levels go up. Or exchange your after dinner fudge brownie, chocolate cake or cookies-n-cream ice cream for this healthy low-sugar alternative that won’t wreak your teeth.

(If you are a Quest Bar fan, you’ll appreciate these low carb protein bars: they have 6 grams net carbs per serving)

Ingredient List:

  • Cacao Beans
  • Egg Whites
  • Hazelnuts
  • Erythritol
  • Coconut Oil
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Stevia (from stevia leaf)
  • Vanilla Beans

Paleo Chocolate Protein Bar

If you have seen these bars in stores or other site online, you might have noticed that there are other chocolate bar flavors made by the same company, Paleo Inc….

Not all bars are the same. Some are great chocolate bars, but they are not protein bars. Check the labels before you start eating chocolate bars for breakfast everyday!

Potential Downside…

A box of 12 bars costs a little over $45. That’s not cheap. However, notice that each package is actually 2 servings (which helps achieve the 22 grams of protein per bar…).

An entire 2-serving bar comes out to be almost 400 calories. Therefore, you could think of it as getting 2 bars in one. Furthermore, you will also be able to satisfy your longer for longer if you need to skip a meal or something. On top of that, if you want to eat it as an after-dinner dessert simply cut it in half.

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Cara Rennie, PaleoBarChart.com
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