Raw Revolution Bars

Raw Revolution Bars: What You Need to Know

Box of Paleo Raw Revolution Bars, Organic Chocolate Crave FlavorThe founder of Raw Revolution, Alice Benedetto, is a registered nurse and natural foods chef. If I had to choose someone to make my food for me, it would probably be her.

She’s most likely pretty busy, so luckily she’s made some food I can buy. She combines live, raw and organic ingredients in her snack bars, and when she’s all done adding that, there’s no more room for processed garbage.buy button

What’s in It?

  • cashews
  • sunflower seed kernels
  • agave nectar
  • dates
  • cocoa powder processed with alkali
  • almonds
  • sprouted flax seed

Is It Your Lucky Day?

starIf you are looking for a protein bar that is vegan, you’re in the right place. All Raw Revolution products are vegan. In addition, if you are trying to make your diet include as many raw foods as possible, these are the bars you want.

starSurprisingly, or not, these nutrient-dense bars are not really any more expensive that other paleo bars that are non-organic, non-vegan or non-raw. Therefore, if you are looking for all of these features in one bar, it’s your lucky day.

starNote: unlike some other bars, when you buy more than $25 worth, you get free shipping from Amazon. Actually, I don’t think that’s a problem – with so many choices, it’s hard to choose just one flavor.

Other Flavors:

Raw Revolution Variety PackAnd Drum roll please…


note: smaller bars, but there are more of them.