Rise Protein Bars – the Good and the Bad

Rise Protein Bar, Almond Honey Flavor

If you are not afraid of fat or carbs and want a substantial, filling protein bar with minimal ingredients, you may want to check out Rise Protein Bars. However, it’s not for everybody.

The Pros of Rise Protein Bars:

1. This Bar has Only 3 Ingredients

Almonds, Honey and Whey Protein Isolate. Simple, clean fuel.

2. The Rise Bar is a Powerful Source of Protein

Rise Protein Bar Package Label20 grams of protein for most Paleo bars is a lot. Most don’t contain even half of that amount unless they add a protein powder source such as whey or egg.

Many athletes like whey protein isolate, especially right after a workout. This form of protein is fast-digesting and great for building muscle.

3. The Price is Affordable

A 12-bar pack costs about $25, which ends up being about $2 per protein bar. This is comparable to other paleo bars and low carb options such as Quest Bars.

Keep in mind, though, that Rise Bars have about 1/3 more calories, so you are essentially getting more bar for your money.

4. It’s All Natural

With only 3 ingredients, you probably already figured that they can’t really fit any artificial ingredients in the package, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. And while I’m at it, Rise Bars are also non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, kosher, with no preservatives, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.

The Cons…

1. It’s Not Officially Paleo

This protein bar contains whey, a milk product. Furthermore it is whey protein isolate, which is a processed food.

2. It has Carbs

This factor may be a con to some while being a pro to others. There are 20 grams of carbs, with 4 of them being from fiber. The majority of the rest are from the honey: pure sugar, although completely natural.

3. Rise Bars are Not Organic

OK. I know I am being nit-picky, but I just had to add another item on the “cons” list for anyone out there who requires organic food products.

Other Notes About Rise Protein Bars:

This protein bar is not like other fruit-and-nut or trail mix bars that whole nuts sticking out of them. The ingredients of this one are thoroughly mixed into a consistent chewy texture, similar to other higher protein bars like Paleo Bars.

PS. Did You Know? Every Rise Bar is mixed and packed in small batches daily in their California Kitchen. Read their story here.


Cara Rennie, PaleoBarChart.com
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