Pecan Pie Paleo Bar …with 11g Protein?

There’s nothing like having a dessert you can eat for breakfast, guilt-free. This is one of them.

And it’s about time.

OK, but seriously, it’s the Abouttime All-Natural Fruit & Nuts Pecan Pie Protein Bar with 11 grams of protein. You get lots of good stuff without any of the bad stuff – and you don’t even need to cook it!


  • Dates
  • Egg White Protein Powder
  • Almonds
  • Pecans
  • Chicory Root Fiber
  • Cinnamon

That’s it?

Yes. If you’ve had paleo bars before, you know that you don’t need lots of ingredients to make a delicious-tasting bar. In fact, you’ll usually end up with less sugar spikes, mood swings and digestive issues, among other things.

These are 2 oz bars with about 200 calories each with 5 grams of fiber (18% DV). Perfect for a light after-dinner snack, or if you’re like my dad, for breakfast. I’m not kidding.

By the way, are you wondering what chicory root fiber is? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s a good thing. It contains inulin, which is a carbohydrate fiber. It has a smooth, creamy texture and is commonly used as a replacement for fat – but it can also help lower cholesterol levels and prevent constipation. Not too shabby.

Cara Rennie,
About the Author: Cara Rennie is a paleo cooking chef, writer and advocate for healthy living. With over a decade of experience in the culinary industry, Cara has established herself as an expert in the paleo lifestyle, emphasizing the use of natural ingredients that promote a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. She firmly believes in the power of food to transform people's lives, while helping others discover the joys of paleo eating. Facebook | Pinterest