Sunflower Butter Paleo Protein Bars – What Do I Think?

Although I cook/prepare most of the food I eat, I needed to find an on-the-go, portable after-workout snack. Therefore, I decided to try out the Sunflower Butter Paleo Protein Bars for 3 main reasons.

Sunflower Butter Paleo Protein Bars - I Tried Them - What Did I Think?

  • They had high protein content (20 grams!)
  • Bars contained 100% real food, plus organic ingredients.
  • They had low sugar (1 gram) and a good amount of fiber (23 grams!).

I decided that if these paleo protein bars tasted at least decent, they could be the perfect post-workout snack. I ordered 24 bars and hoped for the best. =)

What I Thought of the Sunflower Butter Paleo Protein Bars

1. They Are Super Filling

I did not expect this benefit. However, it was a pleasant surprise. The texture is very dense, similar to a Quest Bar, but not as soft.

Bite out of the Sunflower Butter Paleo Protein Bar with Dense Chewy TextureThe company recommends heating the bar for 10 seconds in the microwave, and I agree that is a good idea. Sometimes I even do 20 seconds. It makes the bar more tasty and easier to eat.

However, no matter how you eat it, it takes longer to chew than other cookie-texture natural food bars. I love this factor, because I end up full by the time I finish eating it!

One of the biggest problems that I have found with paleo bars is actually that they taste so good. I eat them quickly and end up wanting to have another.

With the Sunflower Butter bar, I don’t have to worry about that. I think the combination of slowed-down eating along with the high fiber, high protein and low sugar curb my cravings entirely.

2. Easy-to-Digest With No Bloating

With high-fiber foods, I typically expect bloating. Especially when you get 23 grams of fiber packed into a small snack bar.

Sunflower Butter Paleo Protein Bar Nutrition Content Label

However, that was not the case with the
Sunflower Butter bar. Again, I was pleasantly surprised at how a packaged food (although organic and natural) made me feel so satisfied yet not inflated afterwards.

When they say that this bar curbs appetite for up to 4 hours afterwards, they were not kidding. Even if you didn’t care about the high protein or high fiber content, some people might love the fact that a 50-calorie snack bar can keep hunger at bay for 4 hours. (What a great diet trick!)

3. This Protein Bar Contains Only 4 Ingredients

I like to eat simply make all of my own food. It keeps things simple, and foods are easier to digest. Therefore, I really appreciate packaged foods that include few ingredients.

The Sunflower Butter Paleo Protein Bars contain only 4 ingredients:

  1. Egg White Powder (Non-GMO)
  2. Organic Sunflower Butter
  3. Organic Prebiotic Tapioca Fiber
  4. Monk Fruit Extract

Box of Sunflower Butter Paleo BarsThe prebiotic tapioca fiber not only helps curb hunger cravings, it also improves digestion. In comparison to other prebiotic fibers like those made from corn, tapioca is non-GMO. (This factor also scored points with me!)

In addition, I like the fact that the protein in this paleo bar comes from egg rather than whey. Don’t get me wrong, I think whey is a great source of protein.

However, I don’t think it always agrees with my digestive system. If you think your stomach might not like whey either, you may want to try an egg white protein based bar to see if you like it better.

Cara Rennie,
About the Author: Cara Rennie is a paleo cooking chef, writer and advocate for healthy living. With over a decade of experience in the culinary industry, Cara has established herself as an expert in the paleo lifestyle, emphasizing the use of natural ingredients that promote a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. She firmly believes in the power of food to transform people's lives, while helping others discover the joys of paleo eating. Facebook | Pinterest