Quest Bar – Is It Paleo?

3 Top Flavors of Quest Bars in 1 BoxQuest Nutrition makes protein bars for those of us who don’t want to give our desserts – but don’t want to feel guilty either.

You can tell by just looking at some of the names: “Apple Pie”, “Chocolate Brownie” and “Strawberry Cheesecake”. If they weren’t in the nutrition section of the store, we might mistake them for cookies.

What’s Good About Them:

Good points about the Quest bars is that they contain a significant amount of protein and fiber. If you’ve shopped at all for paleo bars, you’ve noticed that there are lots of all-natural nut-and-seed bars that adhere to the diet, but they don’t contain as much protein. For gym rats, the 5-6 grams of protein per serving may not cut it.

Another advantage to these bars is that they can curb your need for the real desserts. The high amount of fiber combined with about 20 grams of protein can fill you up after dinner so you don’t actually go for the real apple pie a la mode. They are low in carbs (most of the carbs they contain are from the fiber), so you don’t get a spike in your blood sugar level which can cause those cravings.

But are They Paleo?

Some people may call these bars paleo while others would not – due to the fact that some contain sucralose and dairy. That said, if you want to avoid the sucralose, you can simply choose these flavors:

The bottom line is really what you consider paleo. Do you include dairy? Are occasional sweeteners ok?

Who Quest Bars are Not For…

If you want to eat packaged food with only ingredients that have been picked from a tree or the ground, these bars are probably not for you. Although natural, these bars are more processed and may contain some stuff that you may not have heard of.

Quest BarThis variety pack contains 1 bar of each flavor if you want to take these for a test drive – or simply want to stock your pantry with a variety of after-workout snacks that won’t become boring.

Cara Rennie,
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