The Grain-Free Nola Bar & Puffed Quinoa?

Going Grain-Free? The Nola Bar may be your new snack

Nola Bars - Where's the Grain?
Besides not having grains, it’s also dairy-free, soy-free, peanut-free and, of course, gluten free.

This bar eliminates many of the ingredients commonly known for inflammation and allergy problems.

As you’d expect, the sweeteners in Nola Bars are all natural: dates and clover honey. These bars aren’t overly sweet either. Total carbohydrates per bar is 16 (with 4 being from fiber).

They are higher in fat (16 grams) while being lower in carbs (9 grams sugar) and protein (5 grams), so if you are afraid of fat, this snack is probably not for you.

If you are not afraid of fat (mainly from coconut oil, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds and coconut) you will be highly satiated.

Puffed Quinoa in a Snack Bar?

Something interesting about this snack is that it contains puffed quinoa. If you’re on a grain-free diet, you probably already know that quinoa is a seed rather than a grain (although it is constantly mistaken for one).

Quinoa is known for having a surprisingly high ratio of protein to carbs, plus the proteins have a complete essential amino acid profile. This is why many people consider it a superfood.

However, even though most health enthusiasts have heard of quinoa, they might not have tried the “puffed” version. (Did you know that you can “puff” it yourself?).

Although puffed quinoa isn’t significantly bigger than the seed itself, its changes the texture so much that it can then be enjoyed as a cereal in a marshmallow treat or other recipes. By the way, it’s a good ingredient to have on hand in your pantry to add to recipes when you want to increase the protein and fiber content of the dish…

Where Did Nola Bars Come From?

Jordan Porter, owner of The Annex Kitchen, created the Nola Bar out of her quest to resolve her own digestive problems. By switching to a Paleo diet and avoiding foods that some people associate with aggravating digestive issues, she has made great improvements in her health. Now she shares many of her recipes online at the Nola Blog.

Nola Bar Ingredients
Another thing you might like is that these snacks are handmade-to-order in small batches and shipped fresh. There are not many snack bars you can say that about.

Note: one flavor.

Ingredients: almonds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, flax, chia seed and puffed quinoa, along with oil-free unsweetened Bing cherries, fair-trade dark chocolate, unrefined virgin coconut oil, dates and clover honey.

PS. I almost forgot to tell you about the high iron content (20% RDA). Good stuff!

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