Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs – the Pros & Cons…

Organic, Grain Free Paleo PuffsDo you want to add more variety to your primal-style snacks instead of always reaching for a paleo protein bar?

The Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs are enticingly different and have a light, satisfying crunch.

So, if you want to eat healthier but still occasionally crave chips or crackers, this healthier alternative could give you a simple solution.

In addition to satisfying junk food cravings, these Paleo Puff single-serving packs can keep you from overeating. Not to mention, the small bags are easy to take to work, pack in a bag or leave in your car.

They also make great snack foods for kids when you want to keep them away from junk food without making them feel deprived. =)

Paleo Puff Flavors: What’s Best?

This snack comes in 4 flavors: Himalayan Pink Salt, “No Cheese” Cheesiness, Honey Roasted and Himayalan Salt & Apple Cider Vinegar.

Most people like Paleo Puffs, however, they have varying opinions on the flavors. For instance, some tasters say that the Puffs taste very similar to Cheetos. Conversely, some people don’t like the taste of the nutritional yeast as the “cheese-less” flavoring.

Overall, the top 3 flavors seem to be the honey roasted, “no cheese” and Himalayan salt. And, you may prefer one over another if you have a sweet or savory palate.

Are Paleo Puffs Fried? No, these puffed snacks are baked!

Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs - organic, Vegan 4 Flavors

Nutrition & Healthy Ingredients in Paleo Puffs:

Paleo Puffs Nutrition and Ingredient LabelThe nutrition label on the left shows the ingredients for the Himalayan Salt Paleo Puffs.

Since this is the most “basic” flavor, it contains the least ingredients and no sugar. (Organic cassava, coconut and sweet potato flours, Himalayan pink salt & organic coconut oil.)

Both the Honey Roasted and Apple Cider Vinegar Puffs contain organic honey, maple sugar and/or tapioca maltodextrin. So it you want to avoid sweeteners, go for the Himalayan Salt flavor.

The main ingredient for all flavors is cassava flour. It is made from the South American cassava root, a tuber sometimes referred to as yuca (not to be confused with the yucca plant).

Cassava flour has resistant starch, a decent amount of fiber and does not contain lectins. Therefore, it’s becoming a popular grain-free alternative in snack foods.

Potential Downsides of Paleo Puffs:

Although Paleo Puffs are grain-free and contain organic ingredients, they are more processed than other primal snacks. (For example, RXBars or Steve’s PaleoKrunch Bars include only whole food ingredients and spices.)

In addition, these paleo snacks are not considered keto friendly due to the higher carb count. That said, they aren’t so high in carbohydrates that you couldn’t enjoy them occasionally on a keto diet.

Specs for Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs:

    Himalayan Salt Paleo Puffs

  • Servings Per Box: 24
  • Serving Size: 1 Ounce
  • Calories Per Serving: 130
  • No Soy, Gluten, Grain
  • No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives
  • Vegan (some flavors)
  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • Made in USA
  • Brand: Lesser Evil LLC
  • For Sale: Where to Buy Paleo Puffs

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