Best Paleo Protein Bars FAQ – Answers to Your Questions

How do you know which paleo bars are healthy and which ones are keto? Plus, what are the best paleo protein bars? We answer your questions below…

1. What is a Paleo Bar?

In short, a paleo bar is a snack food that contains (or doesn’t contain) certain ingredients. For example, they don’t have gluten, grains or dairy. In addition, they won’t have legumes (which includes peanuts).

Are Your Protein Bars Paleo? 9 Types of Ingredients You Want to Avoid

Furthermore, paleo bars don’t include refined vegetable oil, refined sugar, artificial ingredients or heavily processed foods.

2. Are Paleo Bars Healthy?

If you eat a primal-style diet, you may have wondered, “Are paleo bars good for you?”. They are packaged and somewhat processed, so this is a good question to ask.

Note: In my opinion, paleo bars are much healthier than your standard protein or snack bars because they contain more whole food ingredients. In other words, you won’t find a long list of unpronounceable ingredients on the package label.

Plus, they typically contain less sugar while having more healthy fats and fiber. As a result, paleo-friendly snacks won’t spike your blood sugar as high, and they will minimize hunger and cravings. (Especially if they contain a good source of protein too.)

Are Paleo Caveman Bars Healthy?

Caveman Bars mainly consist of nuts and seeds, and therefore make a healthy alternative to processed snack foods. (As long as you are not allergic to nuts, that is.)

In addition, some of their flavors contain sweeteners like agave syrup or tapioca syrup. Therefore, if you prefer honey or dates as a sweetener, you may prefer PaleoKrunch or RX Bars.

Organic Grain Free Paleo Bars

Are Costco Paleo Bars Healthy?

Costco sells organic, grain-free Paleobars (which you can also get through Amazon).

They contain all paleo-friendly, organic ingredients, including whole almonds, honey, coconut, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, brazil nuts, pumpkin seed protein, chia seeds, cinnamon, sea salt and vanilla.

3. What Bars are Paleo Approved?

Of course, now you probably want to know which protein bars are paleo friendly. Well, I’ve put together a list of my top recommendations. You can also check out our Paleo Protein Bar Comparison Chart.

Are Kirkland Protein Bars Paleo?

Although Kirkland Signature Protein Bars are gluten free and contain only 2 grams of sugar, they are made up of milk protein and whey protein. Therefore, they are not paleo because they have dairy.

RXBar Variety Pack - Minimal Ingredients, Paleo, Healthy

Are RX Bars Paleo Friendly?

RXBars have minimal ingredients, which are mainly whole foods. For example, their apple cinnamon flavor contain dates, egg whites, almonds, figs, apples, cinnamon and natural apple flavor.

I consider all of their bars paleo friendly except the ones that contain peanuts. (Since peanuts fall into the legume category and are not paleo.)

4. Can You Eat Paleo Bars on a Keto Diet?

Not all paleo bars are keto friendly because they contain too many carbs or sugars. That said, I wouldn’t say that keto dieters shouldn’t eat them. Simply track the carbohydrate count, and don’t eat higher carb bars al the time.

Here are some good paleo bars that are also keto-friendly:

5. Is Oatmeal Paleo?

Oats are not considered paleo friendly because (1) they are processed (2) they are a grain and (3) oats contain gluten (unless labeled gluten free). So, if you want to make homemade paleo bars, you’ll need an alternative…

Instead, opt for almond flour, coconut flour or nuts butters to hold your mixed ingredients together. They will also add a significant amount of fiber and healthy fat to keep you satiated.

Anthonys Blanched Almond Flour for Making Homemade Paleo BarsNote: Many people prefer the texture of “blanched” almond flour as opposed to non-blanched. And I like Anthony’s brand because they make high quality products at an affordable price (typically lower price than competitors).

Plus, you can incorporate egg white protein to naturally boost the protein in your bars. Be sure to get unsweetened/unflavored egg white powder, so you don’t accidentally add artificial ingredients.

6. What are the Best Paleo Protein Bars?

Munk Pack Keto Granola BarOf course, the “best” bars for you will depend on your taste your ideal macronutrients. For example, if you want a low-carb paleo bar that’s also keto friendly, check out Munk Pack granola bars.

On the other hand, if you like a sweet crunchy treat or a healthier alternative to granola, you may like PaleoKrunch (my personal favorite).

Julian Bakery makes a high protein sunflower butter paleo bar with 20 grams of protein. Or, if you want a pre-made paleo bar that resembles something homemade, the RXBar has very simple ingredients.