Paleo Desserts-To-Go?

Desserts-to-goOh dude.

Brownie Bomb. Mustang Bar. Cacao Now. Bandito. MacAttack.

I don’t think I need to say much here. The names and photos speak for themselves.

If you are in need of a paleo dessert, look no further. No gluten, grain, dairy or other ingredients you don’t want.

They are ready-made and individually packaged, so you can grab them and go. You might even be tempted to sneak one of these tasty treats in for breakfast.

Oops! Did I say that out loud?

Brownie Bomb


Mustang Bar

Cacao Now!

The Health Bomb of paleo desserts!


Yes, you’re right. It looks like a peanut butter cup.
But it doesn’t have any peanut butter!

But What’s So Great About Paleo Desserts?

OK. So maybe I’ll say a little more. Even if you’re not a regular dessert-eater, it’s always nice to have healthy sweet treats on hand in case you need them – so you can prevent yourself from going on a full-fledged sugar-eating binge.

These mini paleo desserts essentially satisfy your occasional carb cravings but give you healthy nutrients instead. At about $4.50 a serving, this may seem a little steep for a packaged paleo snack, but when compared to the guilty hungover feeling we get after eating a giant slice of chocolate cake or pint of ice cream – it’s cheap!

Besides, the laugh you get from telling people you had a MacAttack after dinner is worth the price of the treat itself.

Get the Brownie Bomb *Paleo Dessert* Here


Cara Rennie,
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