PRIBARS Paleo Bar Review

PribarsGet ready for a short and sweet review.

If you like simple foods, you’ll appreciate Pribars. They contain just 5 ingredients:

Organic Dates
Organic Almonds
Organic Hemp Seed
Sea Salt

What I Like:

I personally like the taste of them. They’re a little different. I think it’s the cherry, but they don’t taste like full-blown cherries and they aren’t super sweet. If you’re looking for something a little different in the flavor department, I’d suggest trying these.

I also like the texture, and that’s probably the hemp seed. Kindof like a chia seed or quinoa, but not crunchy or chewy. It doesn’t get stuck in your teeth either.

For having such few ingredients, it’s a well-rounded bar, with healthy fat, protein, fiber and not too much sugar (and that’s naturally from the dates and cherries). They also contain Omega 3.

Fat: 11g
Protein: 7g
Fiber: 4g
Sugars: 15g

They’re easy to digest, a nice feature for when you’re out running around (or eating multiple bars… see below).

What I Didn’t Like So Much:

Pribars are not super crunchy or chewy, so it’s easy to eat them really fast. Many times I find myself eating two of them at a time.¬†They are smaller-sized bars, nutrient-dense and also calorie dense. This is not a bad thing by itself, but if you are trying to watch your calories, you may need to control yourself around these bars.

They have tough-to-open packaging, similar to other bars I’ve tried. That said, I think I am mastering this wrap. I cut one end with a pair of scissors and push out the bar like an Otter Pop. I must say I’ve actually become quite good at it, and it’s a mess-free way of eating – but I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t have scissors or a knife nearby.

There is also only one flavor at the time of this writing. My understanding is that they will be offering more flavors in the future, depending on what customers like – so if you have an idea, here’s you chance to possibly have one made for you…

About $30 bucks for a box of 12 bars. Get more information or order Pribars here.

Cara Rennie,
About the Author: Cara Rennie is a paleo cooking chef, writer and advocate for healthy living. With over a decade of experience in the culinary industry, Cara has established herself as an expert in the paleo lifestyle, emphasizing the use of natural ingredients that promote a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. She firmly believes in the power of food to transform people's lives, while helping others discover the joys of paleo eating. Facebook | Pinterest