Epic Protein Bar Review

epic protein barWhat is It?

As I discover new healthy protein bars that come on the market, I notice that we are moving away from the traditional granola-style bars. The Epic Bar is definitely not a granola bar.

In fact, it’s more like a meat bar. Think of it more like a beef jerky snack than a chocolate covered protein bar. Some people will dig this, others not so much.

What’s Actually in an Epic Protein Bar?

You can get this “meat bar” in Turkey (with almonds and cranberry), Beef (with habanero and cherry) or Bison (with bacon and cranberry), and everybody’s grass fed. This also means that (besides being all natural), the meat usually has up to 5 times as much omega 3 fatty acids as non-grass fed meat.

There is also no gluten, soy or dairy, but there are almonds in the Turkey Epic Bar and walnuts in the Beef Epic Bar if you are allergic to nuts.

How Do Epic Bars Taste?

As I mentioned above, and you’ve probably figured out, this is more like beef jerky than a candy-flavored granola bar. That said, most people agree that it is not as salty as traditional beef jerky and that there is a little more sweetness to it (due to the cranberries or cherries in the bar – depending on the flavor you choose).

You’ve got to be in the mood for a dry snack. Therefore, if you re-fuel after a tough workout, make sure you have some water nearby.

How Much Do Epic Bars Cost?

Compared to other protein bars, they are not cheap. They cost about $3.33 per bar in a box of 12 bars. On the other hand, you can compare them to a turkey sandwich or a grass-fed hamburger. Hence, they save you money, and you don’t have to eat the bread.

Who are Epic Protein Bars For?

Meat eaters, people who prefer a snack that is not as sweet as regular protein bars and people who like to chew. Seriously, you chew on this bar more than other snack bars. One person even mentioned that it helps you eat more slowly  – which is know to be good for digestion.

Do you travel a lot or frequently eat on-the-go? Traditional protein bars can get monotonous because they contain similar ingredients with a homogenous texture. On the other hand, Epic protein bars can keep your snacks from getting boring, while staying easy, convenient, healthy and filling.

thumbs upI give the Epic Protein Bar a thumbs up because it is simple, different and I really like the chewing aspect. Plus, I need practice eating more slowly and enjoying my food. 😉

Watch the interview with the founder of the EPIC, Taylor Collins. If you haven’t tried an Epic Bar yet, this will make you want to try one. It also gives you an inside view as to where the company plans to go with future products and very inspiring projects…

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Cara Rennie, PaleoBarChart.com
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