2018 Paleo Protein Bar Review Chart

Find out which paleo protein bars are actually Paleo and which ones are not. Plus, which products have the most protein and the least amount of sugar. For example, some bars use sweeteners such as agave nectar while others use none. Additionally, some paleo bars contain high fiber, grass fed meat or just vegan ingredients. Some even taste like homemade cookies!

Paleo Bars

Protein (grams) Carbs (grams) Sugar (grams) Soy, Dairy, Gluten-Free Rating 1-5 Fat (grams) Calories First 6 Ingredients Notes

Paleo Protein Bar
SunButter, 2.05 oz

Paleo Protein Bar, SunButter

20 28 1 yes 5 3 150 Egg whites (cage-free), organic prebiotic fiber (from tapioca), organic sunflower seeds & monk fruit extract. High fiber (23g) plus contains only 4 ingredients.
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Raw Revolution Bar
Chocolate Crave, 1.8 oz

raw revolution bar

7 22 12 yes 4.0 15 210-230 organic cashews, organic sunflower seed kernels, agave nectar, organic dates, organic cocoa, organic almonds Vegan, no added sugar or salt, organic.
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Tanka Bar
Buffalo Cran
1.0 oz

Tanka Bar

7 7 6 yes 4.5 1.5 70 Buffalo, dried cranberries, sugar, sea salt, red pepper, onion

Nitrites-free, hormone-free.
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Caveman Bar
Almond Cashew, 1.4 oz

caveman bar

6 15 7 yes 4.5 14 190-210 almonds, sunflower seeds, brown rice syrup, cashews, evaporated cane syrup, pumpkin seeds Minimally-processed, all natural. this flavor contains chia seeds.
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Bravo Bars, Chocolate 48g

Bravo Bar, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Whole Food Snack

13 23 17 contains dairy 4.5 12 230 coconut nectar, semi sweet chocolate chips, raw pepitas, raw sunflower seeds, raw almonds, dried cranberries Homemade taste and texture, higher protein, grass-fed whey.
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Bearded Brothers
Ginger Peach Bar, 2 oz

Bearded Brothers Ginger Peach Paleo Bar

6 27 20 yes 5 13 238 Organic dates, organic almonds, organic walnuts, organic dried peaches, organic fresh pressed ginger & organic chia seeds. Ginger adds spice, plus it fights inflammation.

Protein Puck
Sun Butter, 46 g

Protein Puck Paleo Bar

6 18 10 yes 5.0 17 240 agave, sun flower butter (sun flower seeds), coconut, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds Pucks make a good vegan snack or meal substitute.

PaleoLife Bar
Cocoa-Nut, 2.4 oz

paleolife bar

17 27 2 yes 4 25 340 organic cashew butter, organic almond butter, organic rice protein, organic vegetable glycerin, organic walnuts, organic pumpkin seeds These bars include organic virgin coconut oil for brain health.
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RxBar 1.83 oz

RX Bar, Apple Cinnamon

12 24 15 yes 4.5 8 200-240 (in apple cinnamon bar) dates, egg whites, almonds, figs, apples, cinnamon, natural apple flavor

This is a higher protein bar, protein derived from egg whites.
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Epic Protein Bar 1.5 oz

Epic Protein Bar

14 9 6 yes 4.0 6 70-150 (turkey-almond-cranberry bar) turkey, almonds, dried cranberries (cranberries, apple juice concentrate), lactic acid culture starter, seasoning (coriander, cumin, nutmeg, red pepper, dehydrated garlic, paprika, dehydrated onion) All-natural grass-fed meat bars.
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In general, paleo protein bars typically contain healthy, whole-food ingredients. However, you want to check the ingredient label because marketing can be deceptive. In fact, some products may surprise you. Here is a checklist of the 9 types of ingredients you want to avoid:

Are Your Protein Bars Paleo? 9 Types of Ingredients You Want to Avoid

Chart Notes on the Paleo Protein Bars:

  • First, most paleo protein bars are all gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free. Therefore, I combined them into one column and noted if otherwise.
  • Second, the price listed is per bar. Keep in mind that some products are larger than others, however, the size doesn’t vary too much.
  • Third, products are usually sold in boxes of 8-15. Therefore they are cheaper than when purchased individually.

Are Kind Bars Paleo Protein Bars?… What About KIND Bars?

In addition, KIND bars have all-natural ingredients and don’t contain gluten. Plus, they have low glycemic levels (minimal sugar). However, all flavors that I saw contained puffed rice – which some paleo eaters may not (or may) like.

Anyway, if you want to check them out, you can get more information here.