Paleo Fruit Bars – “Go Native”

Go Native Paleo Fruit BarsAlthough many people who follow a paleo diet don’t eat a lot of fruit, it can be nice to have it on hand when your sweet tooth is having a craving.

Packaged natural fruit snacks last longer than fresh produce, so you can easily keep them on hand for afternoon pick-me-ups, healthy kids snacks, on-the-go treats, a long commute, a busy day at the office or even an after-dinner dessert.

As we all know, it’s a lot better to break a diet with a healthy sweet treat than to succumb to a bag of cookies, tub of ice cream. Not only will your body thank you, but you won’t have to deal with the lingering regret afterwards.

The Go Native Raspberry and Apple Premium Fruit Bars are perfectly designed for these cravings. Not only are they all-natural (containing fruit puree, fruit juice and citrus fiber), but they are packaged in small servings, so that if you only want a couple of bites to curb your craving, you don’t get sucked into eating an entire 350 calorie treat. These snacks only have about 65 calories and 16 carbs per individually-packaged serving.

Here’s some more good stuff:

  • They only contain non-GMO fruit
  • They are nut-free, soy-free and gluten free so they can fit into pretty much anyone’s diet plan
  • They don’t contain added processed sugars, artificial flavors or preservatives

Go Native Bars provide an easy way to steer kids to eat nutritious snacks instead of candy bars and chips. As opposed to being handed an apple or banana, kids often prefer a edible treat in a package. It’s a hassle-free to get them to eat their daily serving of fruit, and it’s less work for parents.

…But maybe these paleo fruit bars not for you?

Even though these bars have significantly less sugar than other sweet bars, if you are trying to eliminate sugar altogether from your diet, you may want to stick with sweet treats sweetened with stevia. Alternatively, you could go with a sweet and salty nut bar like the PaleoLife Bar, Raw Revolution Bars or Caveman Bars that have a good dose of healthy fat to slow down the absorption of sugar so you don’t get a blood sugar spike.

Go Native Fruit Bites Mango and Apple FlavorOther flavors? Why yes!

Besides the Apple Raspberry shown above, there are 3 other flavors (in the form of “fruit bites” rather than bars):

Of course, you don’t have to buy naturally-made fruit snacks. You can make them yourself and choose them ingredients and flavors that you specifically want.

As long as you don’t mind spending time in the kitchen, there are several recipes that are fairy easy to make, and some don’t require cooking. You can then keep them in small zip-lock bags for when you are ready for a sweet treat, but keep in mind that they won’t stay fresh as long as the pre-packaged variety.

How to make your own fruit and nut bars at home using just 3 ingredients and a food processor:

Cara Rennie,
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