Paleo Snacks on the Go

Mother with baby.Quick, Easy and Healthy Paleo Snacks

A majority of people who follow the paleo diet and lifestyle are active and busy. They need healthy snacks that they can take with them and eat on the go.

Not only do they want nutritious food, but they also want to eat things that provide energy and satisfy their hunger. That, on top of being easy to transport and prepare makes this a tall order – or does it?

Of course, that’s where paleo protein bars come in handy. They are full of energy-boosting nutrition, are satiating because they have lots of nuts and/or protein and require no refrigeration, cooking or meal prep.

But that doesn’t mean that you are stuck eating protein bars after every workout or whenever you need a quick meal. There are several other simple options that give you some nice variety and keep your meals from getting dull and boring.

Set of nuts on a white plate, isolatedMixed Nuts & Seeds

This may seem obvious, but instead of picking up a bag of almonds at the grocery checkout line, get a variety of unusual nuts and seeds to create your own unique mix. You may also want to add seasonings or spices to make your snack interesting.


I like this snack because it can last a long time and does not need refrigeration. It’s nice to have in the car or briefcase for when you need it. Sometimes my appetite acts up when I’m not truly hungry – the intense flavor of meat jerky can solve that issue.


I’m a fan of pickled foods, and I like to have these on hand at home for an occasional snack. For any salt fiends like me, this can prove to be a big winner. They can also travel well in a plastic container.

Dehydrated Fruits & Vegetables

If you have a food dehydrator, you can make your own snacks on a regular basis. You can also buy dehydrated or freeze dried snacks at the store or order them online.

Whether you need a sweet fix or crunchy fix, these snacks can work wonders – and they are super simple. Just make sure that the dried fruits you get don’t have added sugar or other stuff.

Almond Butter (or other nut butters)

The nice thing about nut butter is that you can eat them with a variety of different foods (ie celery, apples, carrots, etc..) This keeps your snacks from getting boring, and it can be a convenient way to get your sweet fix along with some healthy fat without going out and buying a cake.

Cara Rennie,
About the Author: Cara Rennie is a paleo cooking chef, writer and advocate for healthy living. With over a decade of experience in the culinary industry, Cara has established herself as an expert in the paleo lifestyle, emphasizing the use of natural ingredients that promote a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. She firmly believes in the power of food to transform people's lives, while helping others discover the joys of paleo eating. Facebook | Pinterest