20-Calorie Paleo Fruit Leather – with Vegetables!

Veggie-Go's Paleo Fruit LeatherVeggie-Go’s

Do you travel a lot or find yourself eating on-the-go more often than not?

I suspect that you constantly search for healthy snacks that travel well and that you can eat easily. At least, that’s what I find myself doing.

Yes, you can choose from lots of healthy snacks on the market now. You can even get gluten-free, low sugar, organic, nut-free, grain-free, dairy-free and vegan snack bars.

What About Vegetables? No Problem for Paleo Fruit Leather!

However, most snack bars don’t contain vegetables. Have you noticed that?

Many fresh vegetables usually require refrigeration, cooking or some sort of preparation. Therefore, I find them challenging to transport as a snack. Yet, they contain many valuable nutrients, so we should not forget about them.

When I saw these Veggie-Go’s fruit leathers I thought, “Brilliant!”. Stick those vegetables in organic fruit roll ups. Get your greens without having to pack a salad or cook up some broccoli, right?

Kids and Dieters Love Paleo Fruit Leather…

How to Get Your Kids to Eat SpinachPlus, kids love them! This might be the top reason to get these snacks, especially if you are having a hard time getting your kids to eat their green beans and spinach.

In addition, these paleo fruit bars make the perfect treat for dieters because they are about 15-20 calories per serving. Give your sweet tooth a feeding without blowing up your diet.

Give yourself something to nibble on without devouring an entire bag of chips. Paleo fruit leather makes a great “cheat” food to have around the house. No need to feel guilty, right?

That said, Veggie-Go’s won’t fill you up and are not the ideal recovery meal after a workout. You would need to eat 10 of them to feel satiated, and there’s no point in that many. They provide low-calorie nutrition, but they are definitely not filling if you are hungry for a meal.

They come in 5 different flavors. Each bar has its own distinct taste that you probably haven’t experienced before.

Get some to add to your collection of snacks so that you won’t ever get bored. They make a nice diversion from a Tanka Jerky Bar, a Raw Revolution fruit and nut bar or a Quest Bar.

Paleo Fruit Leather Flavors:

Mountain Berry Spinach
Ingredients include organic apples, organic spinach, organic strawberries, organic raspberries, organic blueberries and organic sweet potatoes.

Carrot Ginger
Contains organic apples, organic carrots and organic ginger.

Cinnamon Spiced Beet
Ingredients include organic apples, organic beets, organic sweet potatoes, organic cinnamon, organic lemon juice concentrate and organic flax seeds.

Sweet Potato Pie
Contains organic apples, organic sweet potatoes, organic spices and citric acid.

Ingredients include organic apples, organic pumpkin, organic kale, organic kiwi, organic guava and organic mango.

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